Bali is back on the map! – 6 reasons to book right now…

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Popular photo spots are not too crowded

There is still a lot going on in the world (you have probably noticed that). Keep in mind that not everyone is as adventurous as you are. 

There are still many people traveling around their own country or not traveling at all.

And now it is the perfect time to take advantage of that!

If you have some spare time and money for traveling, we strongly recommend not to wait until the popular places are crowded again…

We have explored some European places during the pandemic. It was surprising how empty some places were. Especially in the morning.

Travel Tip: Many private drivers offer an early pick up. You can discover the best instagrammable spots all on your own. Just ask if you can be picked up at about 3.30 am to 5 am, depending on your route. Even though you might not be a natural early bird, we highly recommend you doing it. A sunrise at a lonely beach or a waterfall in the jungle are definitely worth it!

There are many beautiful places to stay for a low price

Lots of hosts have had a hard time during the past months and they love to see you coming back.

That is why some of them give you crazy discounts for their nicest suites and fanciest rooms. But you will get discounted standard rooms as well

That way, you can either save tons of money on your travel OR enjoy rooms you wouldnt afford on a regular trip. 

We decided to combine both of these options and got ourselves some dream bali villas for hanging out and enjoying ourselves. as well as some nice cozy budget rooms while travelling around the island and the vicinity.

Travel Tip: If you are a deal hunter, try They will send you recent deals with discounts from 30 % to 50 % exclusively via messenger or whatsapp.

Tours and private guides are available for a good price

There are lots more people who depend on their income from tourism. Drivers and tour guides are, of course, among them.

On you can book tours and private drivers (with their vans of course) for the local rates.

There are not as high discounts as there are on accommodation, but the actual prices are quite low compared to before-corona-times

Travel Tip: Book your private driver online at the beginning of the trip and ask your driver if he will get you around for the rest of your journey.

You will support your driver with saving the commission for the booking platform and might find a new friend to travel around with.

Flights are still not that expensive

As mentioned above, many people are still scared to travel outside their own country (or at all). But you will have to be quick with your bookings, because flight prices tend to rise quickly when people start booking their flights.

Airlines like Turkish Airlines, KLM and Air France are still having good offers available.

The best travel time is just coming up!

We love traveling to Bali in May or June because only few people are on holidays during these months. Furthermore, the dry season begins in May, so there is nice weather coming up!

The rainy season starts in November. During that time the temperatures are a little higher and you will very probably experience a natural shower every day.

If you are a surfer, you might want to visit Bali’s east coast for some nice big waves during that time.

Visa on arrival is back, no more quarantine

Since March 10th there is no more visa necessary if you are from one of the 23 countries below. And if you are vaccinated, you will not have to isolate yourself in a quarantine hotel after arrival.

List of countries: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Qatar, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam.


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